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The Eye of the Flak (Das Auge der Flak) Vol.1


The Eye of the Flak (Das Auge der Flak) Volume 1 is the result of over ten years extensive research and the first in a trilogy on German World War 2 Flak optics with emphasis on the 10 x 80 45° Flakfernrohr.

In Volume l the authors have approached the world’s most produced high-aperture military binocular from both the historical and functional perspective in an attempt to give the 10 x 80 its rightful place in optical and military history.

  • The evolution of Flak observation binoculars from1914 to 1945 with the emphasis on the D.F. 10 x 80 Flakfernrohr
  • Interactions between the German military administrations and the optical industry
  • German military optics logistics and optical repairs in the field during WW II
  • Use and functions of the D.F. 10 x 80 by Wehrmacht. Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine, from searchlight director to the first missile guidance systems
  • New and as yet undisclosed information on codes, lubricants, paints, coating techniques and much more

The Eye of the Flak

  • Book Data

    Authors: Dr Peter De Laet & Francis Vermeire
    ISBN: 978-90-826201-0-8
    Language: English + English/German captions
    No of Photos: 430+
    No of documents: 50+
    No of Pages: 384
    Physical: Hardcover, leather-bound, dust-jacket, 305x220mm, portrait

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