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Planned for the fall of 2024! 

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In Volume II we'll continue our exploration of the 10 x 80 45°, investigating just how these fine instruments were taught to be used and how the men using them were selected.


We'll dive deep into production data in order to try to date individual binoculars down to the month in which they became available to the front line.


We'll examine just why Luftwaffe High Command chose for  this 10 x 80 configuration, present an in-depth study  of the binoculars' accessories, and learn how they are being restored by professionals nowadays.


Last but not least, we'll retrace how these optics were distributed amongst the Allied armies, how many of them continue to  serve their original military purpose to this day, but also how the majority of them managed to escape their gruesome purpose, bringing joy to collectors, astronomers, bird watchers and so many other users of a more peaceful nature.


Volume II is expected to become available in the fall of 2024.  

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