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The Eye of the


Das Auge der



A comprehensive study of Flakglasses


1. History of the German Flak arm up to 1945

2. Organisation of the Flak arm

3. Flakglas administrations and logistics

4. Development of the 10 x 80 45°
5. The 10 x 80‘s functions within Flak fire control
6. Colours and engravings
German to English translations

In The Press


"...I believe that the authors have recorded an unsurpassed record of the history and of the times and facts of early events leading to the development of the 10 x 80 Flakglas. And, I am sure that all students of German military optical history will find this book most enlightening..."

"...the authors present us with a comprehensive view in an exemplary manner - vivid, illustrative and without glorification. Basing their statements on facts and the literature cited, they avoid ideological restraints - the book is free of political correctness and is both evocative and illuminating…"

"...I am a collector of this type of German optic and find this book to be everything I have been looking for. The quality of the narrative and photographs is something I haven’t see before, and all in English. This is a must for any collector of this superb range of optical instrument..."

Dr. Stephen Rohan


Dr. Hans T. Seeger

Garth R., Panzerwrecks

"...I've read Volume I 3x from cover to cover and still review various chapters occasionally, there so much detail here and would've been content if this was the only volume planned.... but knowing that there's still more to come is just to exciting to wait...Again must commend you on the depth of research and sublime presentation of this niche subject, outstanding!"

"...The Eye is a modern masterwork of research and historical documentation that ranks alongside the works of Seeger and Rohan, and should not be missed by any serious collector, enthusiast, or historian… The Eye Volume I will keep most readers more than engaged with its exquisite level of detail and above all, factual storytelling..."

Jay Hulse


Micah Meyers


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